Top Interior Décor Trends To Keep Up With 2021

Top Interior Décor Trends To Keep Up With 2021

Top Interior Décor Trends To Keep Up With 2021

Just 5 months left for the year to get over with, and here we are the last leg of the pandemic. Things have been better since 2020. It will be even better when you find out about top interior based trends for you to follow up with to stay in style and trend. And guess what? Home360 is helping you to keep up with your interior style. How? You ask? Let’s find out.

Btw, most of the trends in 2021 are encouraged by an obvious factor brought to us by the pandemic and home quarantine.

  1. Yellow & Grey

Source: Pinterest

That is Pantone’s ‘colours’ of the year, the ‘Illuminating Yellow’ and the ‘Ultimate Grey’. This combination also remains the signature colour of Home360 Stores. Though a little unusual for the ‘Interior Trends’ to name two colours as the colour of the year, usually it’s one. But let us not forget, what Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone had to say about it, The selection of two independent colours highlight how different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting, conveying the idea that it’s not about one colour or one person, it’s about more than one.” And Leatrice? We couldn’t agree more.


  1. Accent Furniture

Product: Mermaid Chair (Lilac) from Home360 Stores

Accent Furniture is a game for the trends in 2021. The wide variety of colours available in Home360 Stores is a perfect option for you. Accent Furniture is mostly there to add extra seating spaces in your home, especially when the guests come to your house. And we’d suggest if you add something to your home, make it stylish which would reflect off your persona.  


  1. Statement & Accentuated Décor

Product: Ojo Wall Art 

Making a statement with a decor piece is a classy touch to your home. The furniture is a good way to go, but amalgamate that with abstract and elegant decor. It can be anything, the showpieces or the wall paintings or even plants and planters. And you know where to find all that you need.


  1. Office Room as the Main Focal Point


Even though the drawing room is the persona of your house, this 2021 trend is a rather new one. Office spaces have been a go-to think tank for people. Especially, after this pandemic and home quarantine, people are gravitating towards home workspace and are more likely to hangout in their work from home space. That is what has encouraged this trend to rise. Add bookshelves, plants and planters, that office space showpieces, accent furniture for the corners for you to read in peace.


  1. Nature as the Important Source of energy

Photographer: Niklas Hamann, Source: Unsplash

The balcony is the last thing one focuses on when it comes to home décor. It is understandable but if you want to stay in trend, you need to game up your balconies keeping plants and nature as important. Like mentioned earlier, this pandemic has confined people to their secured spaces. It is a given fact that in this ‘new normal’, going out might not be an option, constantly available to you like it was earlier. So you might as well bring some nature into your home. No space is better than your balcony for that.   


  1. Taking Cottagecore to Another Level

Source: Dancing Graces Wallpaper. Mind the Gap

Since bringing nature to our home space has become a trend, there is nothing better than an Instagram aesthetic and a modern-day millennial subculture. Cottagecore mostly concerns a simplistic lifestyle in the countryside. It is suggested that the décor inspired by Cottagecore is of natural visuals. The cushion covers available in Home360 portrays natural colour palettes and detailed hand embroidered works, all of which have the aesthetic of Cottagecore.