Live-Up To The 2024 Trend Of Accent Furniture From Home360 Stores

Live-Up To The 2024 Trend Of Accent Furniture From Home360 Stores  

One of the latest trends of 2024 is Accent Furniture. One of the most convenient decor elements to add to your home decor collection, Home360 Stores has an extended and wide range of colourful collections of Accent Furniture, designed for accentuated corners of the living.

Check out the beautiful collection of Accent Furniture from the catalogue of Home360 Stores. Along with that, we will also discover how and where these chairs will sit well in an ideal home.  Again! Your preference is what matters, so, go all experimental with it if you want to. But, if you need suggestions, we are here to help. So, let's start. Shall we?

  1. Mermaid Chair – Lilac  

Product: Mermaid Chair - Lilac from Home360

One of the most dreamy colours, which makes the product worthy of its name, Mermaid Chair. The colour Lilac will be the best-suited chair in a house painted in warm colours with minimalism decor. Although the Accent Chairs look the best in the lonely corners of your house, the Lilac will be best reflected in the living room, right across your couch or loveseat. Suggestion? Purchase it in the pair. You get the extra seating around your coffee table in the centre of the living and, let's admit it! It looks classy and sophisticated.   


  1. Mermaid Chair – Turquoise  

Product: Mermaid Chair - Turquoise from Home360

Mermaid Chair in turquoise is a submission to another 2024 trend of Maximalist interior decor. The pop colour is ready to steal the look and the attention of your home decor.  Just like Lilac, Turquoise will also look good in the living room. This time try to place it a little perpendicular to your main couch. The turquoise shade will also look perfect in an empty corner.


  1. Velvet Arm Chair – Blue

Product: Velvet Arm Chair - Blue from Home360

Accent Chair with arms? Sounds like a cosy call. The Velvet Armchair in the collection is the best-suited accent furniture for the corner of your home. Pair the chair, with a small side table, place a painting on the top of the wall, place a rug on the floor, a cushion and shawl on the chair. You are prepared for a cosy movie plan or reading. Blue is a very classy colour that never goes out of style, which is best looking for the corner in the living room.


  1. Velvet Armchair – Bottle Green

Product: Velvet Arm Chair - Bottle Green from Home360

Bottle Green Armchair is so classy yet also very bohemian. Make sure, when you style your corner with this colour of Accent Chair you style it with cushions, tables, paintings, shelves or rugs that resemble an earthy look. All of which are suitably available in the Home360 Stores. Again! This armchair is best suited for the corners of your bedroom.


  1. Velvet Arm Chair – Orange

Product: Velvet Arm Chair - Orange from Home360

Can you guess where this colour might look the best? Well, we suggest your office. Since home offices are a trend in 2024, you need a corner in your office to read your big documents, don’t you think? You might as well do it in style. Place a very sophisticated cushion with a small coffee table on the side. Also, you can go with a very abstract minimalist painting, from Home360 Stores, for the wall behind the chair.  

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