Top 10 Decor Pieces In The Golden Myriad Collection from Home360 Stores

Top 10 Decor Pieces In The Golden Myriad Collection from Home360 Stores

The Golden Myriad Collection from Home360 Stores, is one of the signature styles and designs of the brand. It speaks of volume for the brand which is a blend of something classy, sophisticated and elegant. The thoughts required in designing The Golden Myriad Collection are reflective in its structure. Therefore, it is reflective of vivid storytelling and great narratives.

Almost all of the golden showpieces from the Myriad collection are black and gold in colour, with an uneven structure. It gives a raw handcrafted look, as details are very integral to us.

We have listed some of the best from the collection, which we believe can become the best pick for you. Although the collection is more varied, you can check our website and find the catalogue to see the entire collection.

  1. Golden Hoisting 

Product: Golden Hoisting

Golden Hoisting is a superior looking decor piece. A perfect structure for your office or working home space, fitting well on a shelf, work desk, or even a side table.

  1. Golden Cyclists 

Product: Golden Cyclists

A team of cyclists racing on a steep path, Golden Cyclist has a unique shape and structure that does not conform to an usual shape. It is a great piece to go with, looking alluring on your side table or the shelf.  

  1. Golden Climbers

Product: Golden Climbers

Its grey and gold in colour, perfectly suitable for a minimal and neutral looking home environment. It can gel-up well on your console table or the side-table, thanks to its wide structure.

  1. Golden Circus 

Product: Golden Circus

Perhaps, one of the most best and elegant in the collection is Circus. You can feel the narrative nature of the decor piece, only at the first glance. It is an applauding decor item for your interior home space, looking good in your living room.  

  1. Golden Skater 

Product: Golden Skater

The sport is the inspiration behind the piece, just like the Golden Cyclists. The men competing against each other, the decor piece is perfect for home working space looking good on your wall shelf, especially. 

  1. Golden Sisyphus

Product: Golden Sisyphus

Sisyphus is inspired by a Greek folk legend, thus the name. The folk legend is about a King named Sisyphus, who was salvaged by God to roll a boulder over the steep hill, as a mark of repentance. The showpiece forays into grand storytelling, therefore, reflecting acceptance and motivated inner potential.       

  1. Golden Swinging 

Product: Golden Swinging

A simple yet a very pleasing decor to look at. Golden Swinging has the appearance that is suggestive of a happy feeling and an excitement filled with adrenaline rush. It will sit well in the shelf or the centre table.  

  1. Golden Hanging

Product: Golden Hanging

Golden Hanging shows balance and patience, filled with tiny hints of motivation. This showpiece would look great anywhere in the house, the wall shelf, coffee table or even a side table, because of its wide yet normal structure.

  1. Golden Kids 

Product: Golden Kids

Golden Kids, from the collection, has an additional green colour in its structure, therefore. portraying a tale of two children playing around a big tree. It is of very eccentric nature and pleasing to have around in the house, to create a scented emotional atmosphere. It will look good anywhere in the house, particularly, in a place where it directly falls into your eyes. 

  1. Golden Xylophone 

Product: Golden Xylophone

Inspired by a Xylophone, this showpiece is abstract with its twisted structure. Golden Xylophone is a suitable piece for, both, office and home interior spaces. It gives a sophisticated and a very formal yet classy look to an interior space.  

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