A Perfect Diwali Home Decor With The Beautiful Cleopatra Collection from Home360

A Perfect Diwali Home Decor With The Beautiful Cleopatra Collection from Home360

With just two months away, it's time for you to decide on the right showpieces you want to put in for your home decor, this Diwali Season. Home360 Stores has a varied collection of candle stands, namely ‘The Cleopatra Collection’. Since the festive season is almost here, we can only find more reasons to purchase candles and candleholders.

Here is a list of a few of our favourite candle stands from The Cleopatra Collection. Please note that this is just a preview of a few of our favourites. You can click here to browse the entire collection

[link the blue coloured line with this weblink https://home360stores.com/collections/candle-stands ]

  • Kaylee Candle Stand 
  • A beautiful earthy piece of decor with a single candle holder, that can be placed anywhere around the house on the side table or even the console table, amalgamated with some marigold flowers. The colours of the holder such as a blue will stand out and the gold-finish glass cover is going to illuminate whatever room you place in. 


  • Crystal Daffodil 
  • Crystal Daffodil is a floating or tea light candle holder which is of very fancy nature. The metallic-gold finish and glass are a perfect combination to shine your home during Diwali.The design is so sophisticated that it is worthy of grabbing attention.


  • Mya Candleholder
  • Mya Candleholder is a rather folksy decor piece that has a golden-coloured glass candle holder caged inside a beautiful faded-gold enclosure. It is a perfect piece to place it on your side tables, especially.


  • Bella Candlestand
  • This candle holder can be placed in multiple spots in your house, even your coffee table along with other decor pieces placed there. It is a very simple yet classy piece of work that can gel-up with any kind of decor piece. Also, it is very easy to carry around.  

  • Olivia Candlestand 
  • Olivia Candlestand is a three-layered candle holder which is distinctly located. The patterns and structure is very dreamy, making it a suitable piece for your console table. It can become a centre of attraction and it can also look good as a standalone piece on the table.  

  • Eva Candlestand 
  • This candle stand comes in sets of two, with distinct sizes. You can place them separately or even together on your coffee table. You can place the smaller one, somewhere near your rangoli, surrounded by colours and flowers. 

  • Sofia Levels Candlestand 
  • Sofia Levels Candlestand is a very elegant and classy piece of decor that has the signature style of Home360 written all over it. You can place a long candle inside while also you can place 2-3 tea light candles outside on the golden deckers. It is a finely made piece for the high-rise console table. 

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