5 Simple Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Interior Space

5 Simple Tips to Achieve a Minimalist Interior Space

Over the past few years, Minimalism has become this generations’ go-to lifestyle choices. The trend is growing ever since and is here to stay for a good amount of time. It sets a tone for tranquillity in a rather fast-paced outdoor life. Home360 Store has a signature style of classy-elegant lifestyle with a touch of minimalistic design.

Here’s how you can create a minimalistic space of your own by considering these simple tips:  

  1. Use subtle and faded colours for walls and furniture.  

The colours of white, grey or light faded sandalwood colours are the ones that would amalgamate well with each other. The Golden Myriad Collection from Home360 is a spectacular decor collective that would suit the minimalist environment. 


Product: Wall Paintings and The Golden Myriad Collection from Home360 Stores 

You can stick to pastel shades but make sure they are of matte-faded effect and are used to a bare minimum.

  1. Put up accentuated decor items and other home accessories.  

Even though the furniture and walls are of neutral shades, you don’t have to do the same for your decor. Remember! That the home accessories, such as paintings on the walls, showpieces on the shelves and tables, designer coffee table books, bed sheets and cushion covers, etc., will act as the enhancing agent against the neutral backdrop.

Product: Wall Paintings from Home360 Stores 

This combination will create the right balance in the visual effect of your house. The abstract wall paintings from the Home360 Online Store is a great piece of work that would be accentuated in your house.

  1. Make sure to have natural light enter every corner of the house

For this, the curtains that you use are of great importance. Using thinly-made white curtains to let the natural light come into your home, will reflect the colours of your home.


Product: Checkered-Cushion from the Home360 Stores

Every corner of the house should achieve natural light in the daytime. It acts as a mood enhancer for you, hence why people adapt to more minimalistic space.   

  1. Have more empty spaces with emphasis and focal points on the decor

As the word minimalism suggests, the idea is to own only the essentials. The principle is to keep your space empty but emphasis should be held of great importance. You can add color popping furniture in a rather neutral looking home environment. The stools/pouffes or accented chairs from Home360 Stores are a fine element to create an emphasis or focal point in your room.    

Product: Accent Chair from Accent Furniture Collection available in Home360 Stores

Therefore, decorative pieces, bed sheets & cushions, wall paintings, etc. act as the emphasis and need to be taken care of, with thoughtful details. 

  1. Have smooth surfaces and clean lines of symmetry on the furniture  

When you are shifting towards building a minimalistic space, make sure to keep the symmetry of your walls and furniture in order. Suggestion! There are decor pieces of geometric patterns like, White Swan, Royal Tiger, or Yellow Cat, that have straight shapes carved into its structure. The colors are minimal and it is available in Home360 Stores.  

Product: Yellow Cat from Home360 Stores 

The smooth shiny surfaces of the furniture with straight lines and perfect finish will be reflective of the light falling into your house. The organised space will also set a behavioural and virtual tone for you and your family.

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