4 Exquisite and Trendy Colour Palettes For Your Interior Space

4 Exquisite and Trendy Colour Palettes For Your Interior Space 

Yes! White walls are the norm for any house; but the confusion arises when you can’t think of a palette that would amalgamate well with white and the furniture. 


Photographer: Dane Deaner, Source: Unsplash

So, here is a range of colour palettes that could help you envision your ideal home and also make you aware of why these colours just go so well with your tastes. These colours are of high-end interior styling that could never go out of trend and also because they are of Nordic nature. These colours are decided according to the mood set in each room of a house. 


  1. Living Room  


The living room speaks of the volume of your house. It's the first room that falls upon your eyes, therefore, it is the representation of the entire home. The colour palette has both neutral and faded pastel shades that have a resemblance to the slight subtleness and which is significant to a graceful surrounding. A middle or a side wall painted with the combination of white, is a perfect way to start the tour of your house as it will set the tone. Or you can also stick to Blush Pink to give the subtle look to your living room. This colour palette is reflective of a certain calibre and stature. 

  1. Bedroom 

Photograph: Max Vakhtbovych, Source: Pexels

A room that is the core of your well-being and takes care of your meditative side, is your bedroom. Therefore, your bedroom needs to have minimal-neutral shades of white or grey, or dark faded shades of forest green. Not only is it serene, but the colour palette also induces good sleep and encourages a calm-bright visual effect in the morning. The matching bed sheets will not stimulate your brain, unlike other vibrant colours (red, green or blue). Don't worry! Wooden shelves and cupboards, with walls accompanied by abstract paintings or low-key decor accessories will create a high-end look for your bedroom design.  


  1. Bathroom 

The colour ideology for your bathroom is almost the same as your bedroom but should have at least a point of emphasis that falls into your eyes. The faded shade of pastel blue can make up the shelves in the bathroom, meanwhile, the walls are covered in the light shades of white or cashmere or dusty blue from the colour palette. Our personal choice, you ask? It's White! Considering the classy look it gives and elegance is in the roots of Home360 Stores. 

  1. Kitchen


Source: Pinterest

A rather unusual combination of colours, huh? But imagine this! The flooring of the kitchen tiles design white and sea green textured motifs, with a cabinet made in light wooden colour and walls, painted in the shades of white and pastel mellow-yellow. A quirky and playfully interesting kitchen encourages the love for cooking, and organising. There is also another option to stand by, that is to buy kitchen decor and crockery in the same colour palette, if at any point you feel sceptical of adding colours to your permanent cabinets. The crockery and kitchen accessories can be changed with the ever changing trend too, at any time. Additionally, the attached dining room plays a role in creating a lively environment around the corners of your house. 

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