3 Forms of Buddha Statues for Tranquil Space In Your Home

3 Forms of Buddha Statues for Tranquil Space In Your Home

Sure! Buddha statues are commonly owned decor pieces. But do you know the significance behind the different forms of Buddha poses? The first rule is to place the Buddha on a pedestal in some quiet corner of your home where there is a good amount of Sunlight passing through. Home360 Stores have a few decor pieces of Buddha, each statue holding different significance and meaning. It is carved very carefully and with great details. Check out the Home360 Stores online website, to see it for yourself.

Here are all the implications and meaning that is important for you to know about each Buddha pose:   

  1. Serene Buddha

Photograph: cottonbro, Source: Pexels

Serene Buddha statue is a decor piece available in the Home360 Stores, that is symbolic of composure and calmness. Every expression shaped into the structure holds a certain significance. It is said that Buddha’s head is the true representation of self-knowledge and wisdom. The head of the Buddha is in a meditative state, casting tranquillity and empathy, therefore, guarding the secured headspace for you and your family. The head of Buddha is available in two different colours on the Home360 Stores website where the Buddha has a slight smile carved on his face. The smile is symbolic of eternal happiness that would also help you build a connection with your environment and create self-awareness.

  1. Sleeping Buddha

Product: Sleeping Buddha from Home360 Stores

Sleeping Buddha or Reclining Buddha hold a certain meaning to the pose, especially when surrounded by peacock feathers. The one available in Home360 Stores is of such structure, carved with the thoughtfulness that would come into your home to bring internal harmony. It is said that Sleeping or Reclining Buddha depicts the last moments of Buddha’s life, after which he attained freedom from the rebirthing cycle. Although, symbolism is not relevant to its message but rather internal happiness that you and your family would need for your home. A self-motivation that everyone needs in their home, especially in the current rushing life. Sleeping Buddha is always reclining towards his right and the one available in Home360 Stores comes with a peacock and its feathers carved towards his feet.    

  1. Meditating Buddha

Product: Meditating Buddha from Home360 Stores

Meditating Buddha is one of the commonly owned Buddha Statues. As the pose of this statue is quite suggestive in the significance and meaning that it wants to offer. The Buddha is in a traditionally meditative pose, that is, legs folded-straight back-eyes closed-hands on the lap. This statue would sit well in any quiet corner of your house, preferably in a room where you like to do yoga regiments. You can also place the piece in your prayer room, light some scented incense sticks to add to the positive aura. The Meditating Buddha available in the Home360 Stores is beautifully carved in detail with a rustic gold-bronze finish, where the Buddha is sitting on a pedestal.   

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